A fun ass sound toy that anyone can play

Beats. Melodies. Airhorns. Noise.
What if there were a pocket sound toy that was smaller than anything out there, and could do more?
And why not make it programmable so you can make it do whatever you want?


Here's the full story. I love sound, and sound art, and music gear. And playing music out loud with other people is really fun. And there are portable instruments, like a ukelele, that are nice and small. So I wanted to make a pocket electronic music device that was like that, but could make all sorts of sounds! Would be easy to get into, but still enough of an instrument that one could play it on purpose.

I've had some thoughts lately about why musicians seem to stay so youthful. And I think it has to do with the word "play." It's notable to me that one "plays" music. And if you watch kids do something, they're totally in the moment, they try this and that and the other with complete abandon. Then we get older, and play becomes some trivial thing while we go on doing "serious" things, like go to work or whatever. 

Anyway, there are tons of instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and most have a pretty steep learning curve. "What am I supposed to do here?!" Bitty doesn't require lessons, or a manual, or anything like that. And if you're already a musician, it has enough depth to let you play it like a real instrument. So when I say "toy," I mean it in the most serious sense, something you can really play :)



Bitty at Providence Maker Faire


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